Federal – Financial Relief for Providers

CARES Act Provider Relief Fund
The CARES Act appropriated $100 billion for providers’ COVID-19 revenue losses and expenses to the Public Health and Social Services Emergency F
und (PHSSEF), and the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act appropriated another $75 billion to the fund for this same purpose. HHS initially distributed $30 billion to providers based on relative Medicare payments in federal fiscal year 2019, but has since announced another $20 billion in payments that will be reconciled with the initial payments to provide for a distribution based on 2018 net patient revenue. Targeted distributions will also be made as follows: $10 billion for COVID-19 High Impact Areas, $10 billion for rural providers, $400,000 for Indian Health Service Facilities. In addition, HHS will reimburse health care providers at Medicare rates for COVID-related treatment of uninsured patients. This will be updated with further allocations as they are announced.

    > COVID-19 Supplemental Funding Overview:

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    > Reporting Requirements 
General and Targeted Distribution Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements (11/2/20)
Provider Relief Fund General and Targeted Distribution Post-Payment Notice of Reporting Requirements (June 11, 2021)
Reporting Requirements, October 22 Version (10/22/2020)
– Reporting Requirements Policy Update (10/22/2020)
 Reporting Requirements, September 19 version (9/19/2020)

   > Distributions to Safety Net Hospitals and Medicaid and CHIP Providers
HHS Announces Enhanced Provider Portal, Relief Fund Payments for Safety Net Hospitals, Medicaid & CHIP Providers (6/9/20)

    > Rural Tribal Communities Distribution
HHS Awards $15 Million to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic in Rural Tribal Communities (5/28/20)

    >  HHS Announces 45-Day Compliance Deadline Extension for Providers (5/22/20)

    > SNF Distribution
HHS Announces Nearly $4.9 Billion Distribution to Nursing Facilities Impacted by COVID-19 (5/22/20)

    > General Distribution: Deadline to Accept Terms & Conditions and Submit Revenue Information HHS Announcement re Deadline to Accept Terms & Conditions and Submit Revenue Information for Provider Relief Fund General Distribution (5/20/20)

    > Distributions for Telehealth Providers (5/13/20)

    > HRSA FAQs re Uninsured Claims Reimbursement: HRSA FAQs re COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement to Health Care Providers and Facilities for Testing and Treatment of the Uninsured

    > HRSA Uninsured Program Q&A: HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Program, Questions and Answers from the April 29th and 30th Provider Webcasts

    > Distributions for Hospitals with High COVID Admissions, Rural Providers: HHS Begins Distribution of Payments to Hospitals with High COVID-19 Admissions, Rural Providers (5/1/20)

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    > HLB Insight: HHS Announces Allocations fro m Provider Relief Fund; Hospitals Must Submit Data by Thursday, April 23 for Targeted Allocation (4/22/20);  HHS Distributes $30 Billion in CARES Act Relief Payments to Providers (4/11/20); and Webinar: COVID-19 Financial Relief for Providers (4/16/20)