Other New England States – Connecticut

All Emergency Orders Issued by Governor and Executive Agencies

Executive Order No. 7HHH: 6-month extension of authorization for continued temporary suspension of the requirements for licensure, certification, or registration of out-of-state providers (7/14/20)

Executive Order No. 7AAA: Mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing for staff at nursing homes, managed residential communities, and assisted living services agencies (6/17/20)

Executive Order No. 7XX:  Suspension of the involuntary discharge of nursing facility residents and residential care home residents who may be discharged to homeless shelters (6/5/20)

Executive Order No. 7UU: Mandatory COVID-19 testing for staff of private and municipal nursing homes, residential communities and assisted living agencies (6/1/20)

Executive Order No. 7SS: Creation of temporary nurse aide for nursing and rest homes (5/27/20)

Executive Order No. 7NN: Authorizing additional CARES Act distributions to nursing homes and COVID recovery facilities and easing limitations on caregiver relative support (5/13/20)

Executive Order No. 7GG: Temporary suspension of Controlled Substance Registration for out-of-state providers, among other things (4/30/20)

Executive Order No. 7KK: Permitting Pharmacists to order and administer FDA-approved tests for COVID-19 (5/7/20)

Executive Order No. 7FF: Additional flexibility for Medicaid-enrolled providers to perform telehealth through audio-only methods for new patients (4/24/20)

Executive Order No. 7EE: Mandatory Reporting for Nursing Homes and Managed Care Residential Communities; Waiver of Certain Medicaid Requirements 4/23/20)

Executive Order No. 7DD: Including expansion of telehealth/out-of-state provider practice and relaxing supervision and education requirements for certain providers (4/22/20) 

Executive Order No. 7AA:  Approval of temporary additional nursing home beds for COVID-19 recovery (4/15/20)